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At Volmac Group, we not only articulate our commitment but also demonstrate it through our actions concerning quality, safety, and environmental sustainability. Our operations adhere to the highest standards, underscored by our accredited integrated management system.

And here's the clincher — we don't just assert; we validate. We've undergone external audits and obtained certification to ISO Standards. Yes, we're resolute about delivering unparalleled service while safeguarding our planet. Quality, safety, and environmental stewardship aren't mere principles; they're ingrained in our ethos. Join us today in effecting meaningful change!"

 ISO Accreditations 

ISO 9001 Certification shows that a company or organisation is certified to the internationally recognised Quality Management System (QMS) standard. ISO 9001 is designed to accelerate business performance, instil a sense of continual improvement and strategic decision-making that improves on the quality of your products and/or services, and helps to guarantee improved customer satisfaction.

Making sure our people go home at the end of each shift safe and well is a big responsibility for any businesses, especially for those in high-risk industries such as construction. Australia’s WHS laws are some of the most robust on the planet – and for good reason – our employees are our biggest asset, so their welfare should always be a top priority for you.

Our business is dedicated to creating a cleaner, healthier planet, and a greener future, By reducing our environmental footprint, demonstrating sustainable excellence and ethical standards, we ensure compliance, reduce risks, and ensure our business is meeting its environmental responsibilities and goals

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